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Environmental Solutions Toolkit

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The U.S. Environmental Solutions Toolkit is a buyer's resource guide that marries EPA expertise on solving environmental challenges with a catalogue of U.S. providers of related technologies. The U.S. Environmental Solutions Toolkit supports the President's National Export Initiative by fostering export opportunities for the U.S. environmental industry as well as advancing environmental protection goals.

U.S. environmental technology or services companies that would like to be listed as solution providers please click on the register button below.


Disclaimer: The information on this website is intended to assist buyers seeking to identify U.S. businesses providing technologies designed to solve the designated environmental challenge under which they are listed. Any business in this industry sector may request listing by contacting the International Trade Administration (ITA) at and submitting the required information. The list is not exhaustive of all U.S. businesses in this sector. Listing does not constitute endorsement of the business or its products, services or technology by ITA. ITA has performed limited due diligence; but recommends strongly that parties perform their own due diligence, investigation, and background research before entering into a commercial relationship with any listed business or business contact facilitated through this product. ITA assumes no responsibility or liability for the actions users may take based on the information provided. ITA reserves the right not to list any particular business.